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in steel Darts

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Keeping track of scores and results in an effortless way: a solution dedicated to this problem is a long-awaited help for recreational darters and competitive players as well. Scolia provides high precision, fully automated, real-time scorekeeping for any type of standard bristle dartboard using three cameras mounted around the board.

Uniform illumination is a substantial addition to the perfect darting experience. The easily applicable component coming with the system provides the dartboard with a smooth look and a composed appearance. The evenly distributed light ensures that all segments on the dartboard are clearly visible, which promotes more accurate aiming for the players.

In addition to reliable scorekeeping, Scolia can also determine the XY coordinates of every thrown dart to millimeter accuracy. With the high precision localization of the throws, generating heatmaps and calculating coordinate-based statistics becomes possible. Using these tools, the players can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses.